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Acts of Love

By M.  

  Have you ever thought about what love is?  

  Even though I thought my love was the right love, with tough love & control, I am realizing a lot of things about love. 


  Love is not controlling. Love is allowing someone else to be free in who they are, no matter if they enjoy something you see that makes sense to you or not.   

   See, I learned that in order to be with someone, you had to know them better than anyone, their every little secret, their every move, robbing them of their freedom to live the life they want to live. I love very fast & very deeply    

  It is very hard for some people to handle my intense emotions. My feelings are very genuine whether it's doomsday, laughter (this is a hard one to come by lol), happiness, love or whatever. My feelings are so strong that there are many days I wake up with the feelings of sickness, dread and panicking about what is going to come.  

  That is the part of my life where I have learned to survive in chaos. It's reminding myself every day the fear I feel is my own fear. My mind is causing me to feel this way. It's a bad habit, when you learn to live in fear, that is not Living Your Beautiful life.   

  Life is so beautiful, with so many amazing things about life, I struggle every day. It's like being in a rodeo, you first have to learn how to lasso the bull around in order to continue the show.   

  My mind is like that at many times throughout the day, with each day bringing me one step closer to the Father. I have to lasso my fear & remind myself I have no control over anyone else.   I am learning to walk softly, not judging or assuming we know what another person is thinking or feeling.

  Empathy is a beautiful thing when you don't use it to rob others of their true life.   True Freedom True Love, I am working on this project to release people from my way of thinking to my way of living in the moment, the right here & the right now.

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