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Beautiful Tree, Deafening Loud Noise

Beautiful Tree by M. 

   Life is like a Great Big Beautiful Tree, as time goes by that tree has been stormed on, peed on, cracked, broken branches, falling leaves, cold blistering winters. 

  Beautiful birds, other animals, including humans, have damaged that tree. Yet that tree survives & comes back more beautiful than before, it continues to thrive through the harshest of times. 

  Nature is one of God's Greatest Gifts


 Deafening Loud Noise by M.  

  That moment when you see or hear something that scares you so bad that you don't remember if there was actual noise, if it was you screaming, or what it was brought ringing to your ears.   

I see you, I see what's going on but I am stuck, I am stuck in my own head, I cannot get out, I cannot help you, I am scared,

   I am frozen where I stand, by the time I come back to the present moment in time, I find myself running from door to door trying to get out so I can help you & my baby sister. 

  This fear stays with me every day, I reach out to the Heavenly Father every morning to remind myself to slow my breathing down, remember I am no longer there & the Lord my Father is with me, then I am at peace once again, every day panic attacks, black & white thinking, I work very hard on my mental health. 

  Remember if you are going to pray don't worry, if you worry don't pray.

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