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Collecting Nuts

By M. 

 I thought about how nice it is to rise from my slumber this morning, making myself a cup of coffee & meeting the Father for our morning devotion.   

  The word “linger” came to mind, usually I am in a rush, like a Squirrel looking for nuts. My mind goes here, there, everywhere until I wake up enough to lasso my thoughts. 

  That is almost as important as talking to the Father.  Lingering is something I do well. I have never thought about the word Linger when it comes to the Father, yet that is exactly where I should Linger.

   For every sense he Blessed us with: smell, touch, sight, taste, hearing, with all that, he says linger, enjoy my plans I have for you.  

   Thoughts are something we do without considering where our thoughts go. This is HUGE, I get to sort out what will be Best for me today, or what does the Father want me to do in this situation? 

  What I am finding out is, the more time I give to myself before responding to things, the smoother things go. I am learning not to say everything I think.   This takes a lot of work but the benefits are huge. 

  I would love to say I have this mastered, but I do not. However, I know with the effort I put into it, that is where I find myself, knowing that I have done all that I am able to do until the Father shows me the next step.   

  Lol this sounds really easy but I assure you, it takes a lot of work, every second of the day, lol. As soon as I think I am getting this down pat, here comes my mouth that just loves to speak out without thought, blubbering any & everything I can.

  However, we have a Father who not only loves us but forgives us of all our sins daily.

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