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Feelings and Time, by M.

By M.  

  Oh, how I hate being such a sensitive, emotional person. I get all nervous. I try not to let people see that side of me, however, I take so many things personally.   

  These feelings are very much real to me. You may not see the crippling inside but trust me, especially on days where I am trying something new, or when I see you don't react the way you have in the past. I try to only focus on the log in my own eye & not focus on the sawdust in my brother's eye.   

   Feelings make me so uncomfortable. I am either overly happy, overly sad or overly depressed, it feels like despair.  I attended a group in junior high school on warm & fuzzy Feelings.   I dislike stuff like that because it feels uncomfortable to me.  

  I have a cat that is extremely sensitive. He needs to be touched constantly. I am not sure why God picked out these cats the way he did, however, he picked them out specifically with me in mind.

  I have had a lot of anxiety lately & it's funny to see that my cat comes running to me when my own anxiety is sky rocketing. Thank God, for he knows us best.


  My time is so very important to me, my minutes are twenty seconds long, making everything l o n g . I have all day long yet I cannot spare much time, some days I feel like the Mad Hatter.

  I'm usually early to any & all events. I won't stay long, for my mind takes me to a new arena, one where I can be free, able to breathe, learning how to love and trust. 

   I respect another living, breathing creature, trying to heal by helping other living breathing creatures.   I planted lilacs, I climb trees, I plant vegetables in my garden. I collect rainwater. 

  I take off my shoes so that I can feel the life in the blades of grass beneath my feet, walking as I am thanking The Heavenly Father for all the Blessings he continues to Bless me with, even though I take most of his loving gifts for granted  

   Our Father knows my name, he loves me even though I am not perfect, he loves me perfectly in spite of my flaws & he washes me clean with forgiveness.

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