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Gas Prices

By M.   

  With gas being the price of $4.09 a gallon for unleaded, you start weighing your options, like where & when to go places. If you have a partner, then you have to weigh where & what they want too, trying to limit the gas you use.   

  This can at times be a challenge, for each of you is an individual. What’s important to me may not be my partner's cup of tea, or maybe what's important to your partner may not be something you enjoy. You compromise if you can.  

  At times I am like a gypsy, for I love to travel. I started at a very, very young age, so I have to say these gas prices are cramping my style all up. I look to the birds to soar high above all the cares. The cost is but a word in the air.  

  I must travel. I don't care where, just so we go with the wind in the air blowing through our hair, whether to village, town, city, State, Island or Continent, just to be free, free from all that feels uncomfortable, lost or alone.    

  In times like these, I long to share fellowship, a hug, drink or meal, whatever it may be.  

  For now I have decided to start traveling this season by foot. I have realized that what's important to me may not be as important as I thought. Times change, people change. 

  My Father never changes, thank goodness, for today he tells me that I can meet more people by foot than by car.  My neighborhood is a beautiful neighborhood tucked behind a small and beautiful town.

  As I adventure around the area I look to see what's around so I can bring more love, more family, more friends to the area.  Have you ever wondered how you could improve your area? I ask myself, what am I projecting out into the world?   

  Anybody can sit & complain about the gas prices, that's if you have nothing better to do. You could put a smile  on, say hello to a neighbor, pick up a piece of trash, help someone with something, do good. The World is what we make it, enjoy every inch  of it.  

  Gas today Gone tomorrow.  

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