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Learning to Quilting

By M.

   I am Great at taking things apart. It's putting them back together I have problems with. Not sure if it's my curiosity to see what makes it tick or what.

   I have learned a lot of survival techniques, however, I want to learn new things. I am fifty years old, it's time to try to make a life for myself with the other qualities I have discovered in me. So I met a lady who I became great friends with, she knows how to sew & was willing to teach me how to sew a quilt. It was neat. 

  The picture above is my very first quilt I have ever sewn. Sewing requires you to think outside the box. You have to pick the right fabric for the job, a good color scheme and a layout of what you have in mind to make. This took some time, for I had to try to match up the colors & patterns of material I wanted to use, decide what kind of quilt I wanted to make. 

  I needed something easy & I was able to learn. Everything starts with just one action, so my next step was to buy the supplies I needed: material, thread, needles, scissors, tape measure and batting (batting is what you sew in-between the front of the quilt & the back of the quilt to make it thicker & warmer). 

  Then I was set. My friend was very patient with me, showing me how to thread the sewing machine, cut my pieces of material, start laying th­em out & matching them up together. 

  Material by itself is just material, nothing special. That's an important part to know, for learning from where I am at, we are all just pieces of material. Everything we add to our life, the better we become. Now learning for me is like a six-year-old kid, still learning to grow & adding more beauty to my life. 

  My friend showed me how & where to sew. She is very good at the things she does. I am very thankful to have her as my friend. Piece by piece I sewed it together. I had my friend sew the batting in, for I wasn't ready to learn that. 

  So far this is the only quilt I have ever sewn. I might make another or this might be the only quilt I ever sew, however, I did learn how to sew!!! My quilt might not be the best, but it is all mine & another accomplishment.   Learn something new, it's never too late.

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