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Learning Where You and I Begin

By M.

  Learning to validate your feelings without taking them on myself. (Taking other people's problems on DOES NOT HELP THEM, it robs them of their feelings, their views, their life.) 

  I thought if I pour out my sincerity into a person in need I would be helping them, but truth be told every day I have to remind myself I am NOT able to fix or heal anyone. I can however hold space with them without judgment, I can share a meal with you but I cannot save you.

   It's not that you think I can save you or rescue you, it's that I forget my place, I don't think I am that great, it's that I am that sensitive & that loving. Hence where do you end & I begin? 


  We all only know what we've been taught or only know where we came from, we have to challenge ourselves to learn more, reach out to others, try new things. We all learn bad things, bad habits in life.

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