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My Father's Canvas, Laughing in the Moment

By M.

  Each morning I wake up, get a cup of coffee, sit down to spend some much needed time with my Father. 

  I then take a walk to see all his amazing artwork he created for me to enjoy.   This morning, as I went out walking, it was quiet enough to hear the birds chirping all around. The music of nature is such a Heavenly sound to me.  

  I then paid compliments to my Father for the Blue Canvases he spread out before me. He takes the branches of trees to give a dark outline, adding the birds, flowers, little bugs, little animals, you, other friends, all coming together in beautiful harmony  .   

  In these days, it's sometimes hard to find the good in a beautiful world. I must wake up each morning & desire to please my Father, allowing him to use me wherever I am.  

  My Father’s plans are laid out so that we may see but not understand until we mature in our relationship with him, for even turning a tree upside down, all the little branches are like our lungs.  They look like our lungs’ blueprints, plus the tree feeds us our oxygen, how masterful is that?   

  My Father's work is never done, yet he splashes with love more & more every day.    

Laughing in the Moment by M.

  I caught myself actually laughing in the moment, listening to Drummer Boy For Country.   

  Laughing is one of the greatest medicines in life, not just any laugh but REAL Laughter.  

  I've struggled from living in the past, for that's the only record I have on how to survive in life. Changing that has come at a cost. 

  I moved out of my little fishbowl town into a Big pond. I had to give up the ones I love so that I could grow in life.   

  Living in a fishbowl, where the water is a little more likely to become stagnant, leaving whatever is living in it to become stagnant, all choked up with muck & unable to grow. Seeing the same people day in, day out.  

  That’s not adding anyone else, then the living person only knows what it was taught for there is no growth, no new information to grow from, especially if that stagnant person was taught to fear anything outside that fishbowl.  

   I am here to tell you that I am a stagnant person who left the fishbowl. Don't be afraid, it doesn't matter what made you leave the fishbowl, just that you did it. Is it going to be scary, heck yeah. But it is so worth it.

  Leaving my fishbowl, I have learned to see not everything in life is stagnant.   Just go your own pace, take one step at a time & enjoy the moment that you are in, show up & live life.

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