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My Walks with You, by M.

  My walks with you are where I find my peace. Not all of our walks together are peaceful or freeing. Some of our walks are you comforting me & mending me through the hard times, just like medication cannot do all the work.   

  If I want to feel better, I must first choose to feel better, then take steps in improving my life's choices that will help me achieve the outcome I want for myself.  I put a lot of effort into my relationship with my Heavenly Father, that's something I choose for me, myself.

  I must wake up every morning & choose to sit with him before I go about my day.   I must slow my breathing, slow my thoughts, catch any of the negativity that runs through my mind, then I must choose what to fill my mind with. I choose my Bible that you have left letters to instruct me with all your promises for me.   

  I find true comfort in your rod & staff as you guide throughout my day. I turn all my worries, cares & concern over to you. I must leave them in your hands & continue to walk the path that you sat out before me, finding special little gifts just for me. It may be a bird, it may be a person, it may be a flower. 

  All I know is that when I put all my effort into you, you continue to Bless me every day. You allow me fresh air to breathe.  Every day is filled with choices, choices I get to make. I myself get to decide what I fill my life with, who I allow, what I allow in my life. 

  This takes a lot of work. I battle my mind every day, for I get to decide if my mind is free or if it is a prison    

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