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My Words Bounce, Do Yours?

Photo and text by M.  

  My editor Rick (I hope he doesn’t mind me putting that in there).   

  My Editor gives me a place to feel safe, somewhere to put my words into color for others, so that others may not feel alone. So many times we go through life feeling defeated, out of place, so unloved, so unwanted.    

  When I am in the moment, I feel amazing. However, when I am not in the moment, leaving me either in the past, in the future, or in someone else’s Circus, trust me when I say I am not taking anyone else’s monkeys on. I didn't order anything, not even an ewe-wee, what did she say or did you see that lol.    

  We bombard our lives around so much drama, not leaving anything special in the moment. Just for me, a thing from the Father, you know what I mean.  

  Anyways, my editor just sent me an email saying I started writing for him two months ago, to me that is amazing progress. I am proud of myself, I've been learning to live through my writings. I give my editor my words, he fixes it all up so that someone may enjoy my short stories.    

  Hopefully, my simple stories may help you slow down, take notice of what’s around you, who is around you. Or it might just help that one person who is feeling so alone, so afraid of anything & everything, so sad they don't even understand the miracles that’s going on in them. Their heart is pumping, their lungs are taking in oxygen, their blood is running through them, that’s it.   

  Take a deep breath, let me help you out here lol today. Anyways, now I am learning to live in the moment more & more. It's a choice, it's something we have to decide, what kind of life do I want?   

  I am the only one that can answer that for me, just like you are the only one who can determine what you want in your life. I am praying you feel my stretched-out hand, saying welcome, thank you for showing up to life. 

  We are so glad to have you here reading our Blogs, we would love to hear back from you. Tell us how you are?  Do you like to write? Trace, color, take pictures, make or build things? Tell us something about you, you make a difference.   Let the world know you are here, welcome them to life.   

  Thank you for sticking with us. 

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