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Spring Cleaning is So Refreshing

Photo and text by M.   

  I hate cleaning house. I collect dust like it’s my best friend. I would rather be outside playing in the dirt & flowers.  

  I only do a deep clean to the house once or twice a year. There has always been something about Spring Cleaning that makes me strive for two or three days to completely clean the house from top to bottom, then I still don't like to dust.   

  It is April, time for Spring Cleaning. I take all my curtains down, wash them, dry them, hang them back up. I washed the comforter from my bed. The house is starting to smell good & clean!!!  

  Now that I put that down in print, I can safely say that is what the Father does & wishes for me. I mean, think about cleaning one’s self from the inside out, not leaving a speck of dirt, as he hands me my next Blessing.   

  Today’s Blessing was that I was mentally & physically ready, with no procrastinating, a Beautiful Clean House to be thankful for, along with the air I breathe, the aroma of that fresh clean scent of everything in the house.  

  I am just like the house. If I want to have the house dust free & clean, I know I would have to work on it on a daily basis. The same with myself, wanting to stay clean even though sin will come & tempt me every second of every day.  

  So knowing that I should clean myself from the inside out, life is too short. I want to clean all past hurts, past sins, thoughts of the future, learning to be in the moment, so that I might be right where the Father wants me for the next open door.  

  I would love to have a spotless house on a daily basis. Instead, I am choosing to work on cleaning me out so that I may try to awaken every morning with renewed freshness.  

  Sometimes I stuff myself as though I were closets. It's easier to hide things rather than deal with them. However, if I don't deal with them as they come, then they will always be there waiting for me.   

  Oh & don't take things so personal. Everyone is going through their own agenda & their own battles. Be thankful for those things in the moment, things that are beautiful & that’s where I want to learn to be.

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