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Starting with Baby Steps

By M.  

  I went out to a restaurant & while I was waiting to be seated, I watched a mother & her two or three year old daughter walking out the door.

  The little girl took even smaller steps as she was getting closer to the door. Her mother was giving her little nudges to go on, take a step, easier said than done. The little girl sees the difference between the inside floor & the outside ground.   

  Isn't it funny how life is a continuous learning lesson, continuously having to decide whether or not to trust one's self?    

  I have decided to learn & grow in these other qualities I have found in me (the other girl). The other girl qualities are:  free, confident, happy, living in the moment & loving.    

   There is a lot of things I have been trying new lately, mostly trying to live the fullest & healthiest life I can. I am trying  to slow my mind down so that I can be more aware of what's going on around me.   

  Recently, I was with a lady whose children, a four year old & a five year old, woke up in bad moods. They didn't want to get dressed or anything. They were kicking & screaming.   

   I thought how funny is that, thinking about how a child wakes up versus an adult who wakes up. Have you ever woken up in a bad mood?    

  I have, & I need to fix my crown, dust off my clothes & work on my acceptance of things (that's just the way it is).  I am always trying to improve myself to find a peaceful & level ground.   

  Learning from children lol seems  to be my thing lately. Some of the best things we learn in life are simple, before we complicate life with our over-thinking.  

  Looking back at all my moods from the time I was a child to the adult I am today, the answer is: I have a lot of room for improvements, sad to say.    

  I am still learning on how to act in awareness, thankfully for me I had three little children I just witnessed in one way or another showing me where I am at in my own growth.  

  Thank you Father for these very special Blessings to learn from

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