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Surrendering or Offering Myself to the Greater Good

Text by M.   

  My Father God is a lover & a liberator & surrendering to him brings Freedom, not bondage.   

  When I completely surrender myself to my Father with a brand new clean plate, so to say, it helps me to remember who I am, who my Father is & that I am his, who he made me to be.   

  When I only think about what I want, I think or try to be in control. I am not allowing the Father in. I can only find Freedom & Peace that is in my Father.   

  Control is a huge symptom in my diagnosis, squatting down deep inside myself trying to control anything & everything. In order for me to find my peace, I have to remind myself that I have NO CONTROL over most things in life. Only my Father has control & in his timing, all is made perfect!!!   

  Surrender isn't easy. There is a lot of work that needs to be done when working on yourself. My mind is like tripping over a little seam in the carpet lol.   

  Pride is a project to get over. I have many limitations, along with self-awareness. Surrendering is something that is very freeing. My Father didn't make me to be a robot, he has a specific plan for me. I am in training for what is to come later, so I must remember that I have NO CONTROL Over anything in my life.   

  We each have a unique personality.  

  The more I surrender, the more easily things go & the more truly I become myself. I get to have a real personality all my own. I am NO Longer trying to step in my Father’s footprints to save, make or do anything else. I just wait. Waiting is no easy task, lol.   

  This steel plate I picture in my head is trying to trip me up. I know what is Best, but my mind hands me a fork to put on that steel plate, trying to keep it from spinning. My mind is so strong & powerful, yet I am trying to give up every belief or life skill I have ever learned, especially my survival skills.    

  Allowing my mind to open up to NEW Learning, I only know what I have learned from where I was born & raised. It’s up to me to choose if I want to be stagnant myself or grow.    

  I am learning not to stay but to learn a New Way. I realize I have NO CONTROL over anything other than myself, giving up trying to Manipulate the situation in the way I want it to be, to let it be my Father's Will & not that of mine.    

  "Surrender yourself to the Father & wait patiently for him."    

  This is NOT About the Father to some & that's okay. If you would like to look at it in another way,  try this sometime. We are in such a rush, things come blurting out or we do something for someone that they are supposed to do.   

   It's like being a farmer. The farmer can plant his crop on time. The farmer goes out to work & look at his crop. He finds his crop has a pest or whatever on it, so he gives up & says this crop is done. It's a waste.   

  But that's only at first glance. He isn't seeing what the seeds are doing under the dirt. He goes out another time & he says, let me try to save it. It becomes his highest profitable crop he ever had planted.    

  Now, if he would have accepted his first thought, he would’ve turned the crop down under the soil for being what looked like at first a wasted crop. With time & patience, it grew past what was holding it back.   

  Sometimes I need to give my thoughts time to be heard by myself before sharing my words or thoughts with anyone, giving time for things to work out differently than I thought they would.  

   "Whatever your treasure is, your heart will be also."   

  Surrendering is hard work. I want to live openly & I want to live Freely to be who my Father created me to be. There is NO Shame in who I am for I am who he created me to be, acceptance is very freeing.    

  Surrender does NOT weaken me, it strengthens me. You may ask how, well, when I surrender myself, I take away the need to fill the air with meaningless words. It allows me peace, for I know that my way is not the way for everyone, yet for me I am learning to be still.    

  My most important part is knowing I Do Not have all the answers & that is okay. I am not meant to know all the answers. I know my Father will lead me where I need to be in this life.   

   All other approaches lead to frustration, disappointment & self-destruction. Things are not meant for us to fix all, answer all, or be everything to everyone.  I want to live Free & Happy & that I can do this by accepting who I am & what is meant for me.  

  Hopefully, this will help another person to take a deep breath, say I am who I am & that is who I want to be. I want to be someone who lives in peace.  

  Have a wonderful day, take time to just be. 


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