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The Slipping In and Out of Moods: Chapter 1

 Text and image by M.  

  Somedays I feel like I am on top of the world, my life is not perfect nor glamorous, nor is it all doom & gloom. Neither is it all fear & terror. 

  Somedays it’s just days, some long, some fly by, some days take forever to pass.   

  I have to accept & acknowledge my mood for the Moment, then be aware of anything & everything around me. I try to stay in the moment. If a past memory comes to mind, I acknowledge it, then release it & bring myself back to the moment, lol this sounds so easy. Lol, trust me, it is not easy.    

  Sometimes I have to remind myself, just be in the five seconds until I feel like I can handle more. I am realizing there is a huge power in knowing my triggers.    

  I am being more aware of how to step aside so that I can figure my route around the trigger. I have a great sisterhood with the women in my Christian circle who are helping me learn. They also do not run to my every rescue. 

  They teach me things in life that I have to learn for myself. I owe them a huge Thanks.

  I am a lot to handle, lol, my survival is to be aware of what's going to happen next. So I watch for clues or signs that something bad is going to happen, leaving me unable at times.

  I am working on letting things play out on their own, allowing things to take their natural course.  

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