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The Slipping In and Out of Moods: Chapter 2

Text and image by M.   

  Jerry Reed is an old country singer. When he talked, he stuttered but when he sang it was beautiful & you would have never guessed he stuttered at all. He had survival skills.   

  My survival skills are:  I can predict the future, I can assume things, I do black & white thinking, all or nothing-at-all thinking, along with old wives’ tales. These things help me to be aware of any danger coming my way.   

  The curse is: I can predict the future (not allowing anything in that can be questioned), I assume things, I do black & white thinking, all or nothing, & old wives tales.   

  You may be wondering how those can be curses if they are my survival skills. Well, the answer is there is only one me. I know exactly who I am. I know the way my mind works.    

  I also know there is only one you. I have learned in my recent mental health recovery family, my counselor is one of my main mental health family members, that your mind Does Not think like my mind does. 

  My upbringing was the right one for my survival skills . We all have been made with our very own individual DNA. NONE of us was made to be the same, therefore, I Do Not know anything about your DNA or your upbringing. 

  Upbringing plays a HUGE Role in how our minds work.  

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