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The Slipping In and Out of Moods: Chapter 3

Text and image by M.   

    Lately I have been realizing that my problems stem from my fear of things that no longer exist in my everyday life. It's almost like we level up, like a video game.   

   I once was two years old & I learned how to live in my family. I once was eight years old. I grew, I knew more than I did when I was two years old.   Just like that, mentally I may have been stuck at the age of a six-year-old but I learned how to be an eight-year-old. In my own life, I seem to have been stuck in that mindset of my biological family history for the last forty-five years.   

  I am just now learning that life has moved on. I am no longer there, nor do I need to think on the past, for I am learning to live in the here & now, the Moment. I struggle daily, my mind has been shaped so well that it takes a constant reminder to be aware of what mindset I am in.   

  Life is a struggle for everyone but life is also here to be lived. Are you living to seize the day? Are you living in the moment?   I sure do hope so. My moments are beautiful when I am living in them. 

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