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Things We Get Ourselves Into

  By M.

  I know the Father is with me, yet at times my anxiety is skyrocketing so high that it reminds me of a mother I once heard about (I think it's a very common thing). 

  The woman was well in her ninth month & in labor. She gets to the Hospital, they get her all setup.  When she realizes how painful having a baby is, she struggles to get up to leave. When in all reality once you are in labor, what are you going to do, there is no stopping it, the baby & the pain is coming if you like it or not lol.  

  I remember being in labor telling my mom I cannot do this lol. 

  The things we get ourselves into then think we cannot finish it or complete it.   

   I pray as time goes on that God allows me to grow closer in him learning to trust him even more than I have in the past.  I may get mad at family, or someone I know to the point that I will leave that person for a long time.

   However, with God it's not like that. God has never left me. I may be better at following him at times though I am no saint, I am a sinner who knows she needs the Father.   

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The Father is with Me

  By M.

   Working my way from the inside out, just as the ice on the windshield does as the car heater defrosts the windshield. It's beautiful.    

  Just like the woman at the well. It was her mind that told her she was unclean. The woman at the well is about a woman in the Bible who feels unclean & less than others, for she chose another way that made her feel lowly about herself.   

  The car was parked outside & was covered in a thick sheet of ice, so much so that I had to go to the passenger side to get in. I turned on the defrost to get it to melt some before I left.  

  As I sat in the car for a long while, I saw a little bubbling going on as the ice was still very very thick, so I sat there just watching the ice melt from underneath. I realized how cold it was.

   The top ice remained very thick on top, but what was going on underneath was transforming into a beautiful picture that the Father blessed me with.   

   As I sit there even longer just watching the underneath ice, I realize I have something in common with the ice. It was changing from the inside out.

   I try every day to keep control of my mind, however, those small little times are when I see my Biggest transformations.   

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