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Why, Then, I am so Scared?

By M.    

  When you have so much Trust issues, that it all starts closing in on you & you can't figure out who to trust, is there anyone you can trust?  

  Abort, Abort, Abort.   

  I am learning not everything has to be said, it's okay to sit in silence with someone or something.   

  Example:   I already started my day not wanting to get up or even participate in life today. However, as I laid in bed dreading whatever was to come of this day, I realized that I have to get up, one step at a time, holding space every step of the way.   

   I went where I had to go this morning & in doing so, the Father Blessed me once again.   Three does came walking across in front of me, so calm, not one of them seemed scared or thrown off by me. So I put my car in park, I just sat there watching, before I pulled away.  I was Blessed to see a Blue Jay.     

   I didn't take a picture like I normally do, instead I just sat & enjoyed the moment that very moment when you see this is just for me.  

   I long for the days that the sun is shining, animals are out running, flowers are blooming, Spring is bringing new life once again, thank you, Father, for all the Blessings you have Blessed me with.

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