04 Apr

By Rick McVicar  

  A message of love and hope from a man who suffered a traumatic brain injury on the football field is being delivered on the streets of Kansas City. 

  James McGinnis has created a 5-foot-tall heart with a sign, “Love one another.” The heart is part of a “Parade of Hearts,” a public art exhibition taking place throughout Kansas City, according to KMBC News 9 ABC.       

  McGinnis was hit hard in a high school game on April 12, 2014. The resulting injury left James in a coma for a period of time. 

  His father, Patrick McGinnis, said his son was expected to remain in “a vegetative state the rest of his life.”    

  Instead, James found brain health recovery. He relearned how to walk at a rehabilitation center in Nebraska. He then became an honor student at a community college and took up art.    

  Reporter Lara Moritz notes, “He said he met Jesus while he was in a coma.”   

  A self-portrait James created displays his sense of humor.    Patrick tells the reporter, “It’s love, hope, faith and humor that will get you through just about everything.”   

  The story, “James McGinnis Shows Off His ‘Parade of Hearts’ Design,” was broadcast Jan. 26, 2022.   

  James’ story is also told by Sherae Honeycutt for Fox 4 News Kansas City. 

  Honeycutt said James paints in the Japanese style of Wabi-Sabi, which finds “beauty in imperfection.”   

  His work is meant to express his love toward his caregivers. He wants others to spread love around as well.   

  Honeycutt’s story can be found on YouTube with the title, “Kansas Man Shares Traumatic Brain Injury Story.”   

  The "Parade of Hearts" features 154 hearts created by 123 artists displayed at various locations throughout Kansas City. The exhibition runs through May, according to the "Parade of Hearts" website.    

  A heart design was chosen because hearts have long been used as Kansas City’s signature, which is known as the “Heartland of America.”  

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