14 Mar


By Rick McVicar 

Back and forth we go

 Springtime showers and snow. 

Change of seasons in Ohio,

 Wind strikes hard as ironwood 

Slapping against my face.

 The wind leaves an onion taste

 Upon my parched lips, 

As I walk up the street

 Climbing a hill to meet 

A church neon sign

 Pointing towards Jesus in the sky.

 That’s where the wind comes from.

 Is Jesus the biting wind?

 Is he driving the cold down a speedy avenue? 

Change of seasons wreaks havoc 

Upon my cheeks while walking up the street, 

Upon my faith with wind in my face.


  The weather appears to have a big impact on my own brain health recovery.

  I hope you enjoyed my poem and music about the change from winter into spring. Feel free to download the music, share on social media or leave a comment. If you care to submit material for publication, then please leave a note through the contact page. Thank you.

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