11 Jan

A video of Rick McVicar performing poetry.

Video and text by Rick McVicar

I will tell you why I have been prescribed Abilify./ The medicine soap-a-cleans my brain’s dopamine.                               

Neurotransmitters within my mind are not always so kind/ To me or anyone else. Sometimes they make me fly                                                                        

To other worlds that are not so real. Dopamine might make me feel/ Heaven’s gates and hell’s hate erupting inside my brain.                                                                              

A pill will keep me sane, but not just any pill./ Oh, I’ve tried them all with side effects that caused me pain. 

I need a pill so I can write coherent thoughts upon a page. / I wake up at 3 in the morn ready for a poem to be born. 

Will today’s poem strike a chord?

  While my blog is about using the arts for brain health recovery, medication remains for me a big part of the solution. That does not mean that pills are always pleasant to take. After all, I have had plenty of adverse reactions to medications, sometimes compounding my symptoms rather than alleviating them.

  Fortunately, Abilify has suited me nicely. Nevertheless, that does not mean it is right for anyone else. Everybody's body is different and reacts differently to medication. My poem is not intended to make any claims on anyone else's body besides mine. Please do not take this poem for anything other than an expressive piece of writing about my own experiences. Your choice might be different than mine and that is ok by me.

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