12 Aug

By Rick McVicar  

   For the past two or three months, I have been working with Amelia Willows to create a book, Healing the Mind with Words. I have been both her editor and a fellow writer.   

  A good portion of the book includes our spiritual lives and our ideas of God. I have found that those parts of the book are the most rewarding for me as a writer and editor.   

  Now both of us are wondering what the next chapters of our lives should be. Personally, I would like to continue to edit someone else’s journal writings, particularly writing that pertains to spirituality. I also would like to add to the list of writers receiving my services.   

  So I’d like to offer my services as a spiritual writing coach. I would like to help you deepen your relationship with the divine, a higher power, God or the source of the universe. Whatever you call the creator of existence, I would like to help you put your thoughts and feelings on the matter into written words on a page.   

  You may want to write devotional material or helpful guidance for meditation. You might want help with a newsletter article for a place of worship, or maybe help with writing a public prayer. You may want to create a booklet for family and friends, or maybe submit material to a religious publication.    

  Of course, you may just want to keep a spiritual journal for yourself and need some help with motivation. Perhaps you’d just like to write how your life fits in with the wider universe.   

  I have found that writing and editing have profound effects on both attitude and behavior. Writing leads to reflection and contemplation, while editing by someone else provides a fresh set of eyes for gaining new insight and perspective. Together, writing and editing can make you reimagine what the future looks like and your place in the grand scheme of things.  

  As for my qualifications, I hold a B.A. degree in philosophy and religion from Ohio Northern University and a Master of Divinity from Vanderbilt University.

  If you are interested in my services, you can contact me through this website or email me, Rick McVicar, at mcvicarrick@gmail.com. 

* The email will not be published on the website.