31 Jul

By Rick McVicar

  Amelia Willows and I have finished writing our book, which we have titled, "Healing the Mind with Words."

  The book features columns by Amelia about her recovery from mental illness. I then respond to her columns with my own stories of recovery. The book appears to be a dialogue between the two of us.

  The title comes from the healing that both of us found from sharing written narratives between us. The writing and editing process appeared at times to be a form of therapy. The book describes our experiences of spirituality, nature, family, learning new coping skills and diagnosis.

 The next step is to pitch the manuscript to publishers. In the meantime, I will be relaunching the blog in about a week, some time around Aug. 8.

  Until then, please enjoy some of my artwork and music. The digital painting above is a cat I created to celebrate finishing our book. Click on the picture and you will hear some music I recorded.

  Thank you for your past support.  I am looking forward to returning to my blog.

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