31 Dec
Sheet music and home decorations.

By Rick McVicar

     Here's your chance to interact with this website. Create a work of art while listening to my tune, New Year 2022, found at the bottom of this page. You can sketch, draw, take a photo, write a poem, tell a story or sew a sock. 

  With written material, send me your work in Word. Images should be sent in JPEG. Material can be submitted through my contact page.

  I know I've been having fun creating this blog website. I'd love it if my readers joined with me. We can all be co-creators with each other and find just how art brings people together. 

  While listening to my tune, close your eyes and focus. The tune is not long, just a couple of minutes. Feel the sounds of my melody in your hands and in your fingers. Try to empty your mind to give room for flow.

   After a brief moment, open your eyes and draw. Or paint. Or put your thoughts into a pencil or pen. Whatever type of art is good for you, try illustrating whatever feelings you experience while listening to my tune. They may be happy feelings or perhaps negative as well. Perhaps they are a mixture, changing as the tune's rhythm patterns change.

  And I don't want to leave out the arts and crafts people. If you like beading, take a picture and send it to me. Coloring is good as well. TV, videos and games can be included. Just tell a short story of a show that comes to mind when you listen to my tune.

  When I began this website, I imagined a site that gives a voice to anyone in brain health recovery, which can include mental health, addiction, dementia, developmental disabilities or any other brain diseases. I'm hoping my readers will assist in achieving my goal.

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