22 Feb

Music and poetry by Rick McVicar

Spring tastes of spear mint.

A warm breeze kisses my lips. 

My steps spring more lively 

As I walk on down the street. 

Passersby appear more friendly. 

I take a hop and a skip. 

Won’t you come along with me?

 We will smile at each other. 

We shall share a cool beverage

 As the sun warms our shoulders.

Let us daydream together. 

We can visit a tropical island

To swim in the deep ocean, 

Collect seashells into a sack,

 Throw off all our worries.

 Spring is full of wonder, 

Sending gloominess asunder.


  There is nothing like a change in seasons for help with brain health recovery. Feel free to download my music, comment or share on social media. Thanks.

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