18 Dec
A digital painting of a woman with red hair.

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 Image and text by Rick McVicar 

     Nature inspires a lot of my music as well as nurturing my moods. While I count myself as a Christian, I am open to mixing my spirituality with being attuned to nature. This blog will be open to all religions, whether it is a major institutional faith or a nativistic belief. I believe spirituality is crucial to recovery and there are multiple paths leading to transcendence.

  As for my own spirituality, I record and produce music and videos that I later use for meditation. My music usually puts me into a contemplative state, what brain researchers often call "flow." I call it a zone. A trance usually lasts for about 20 minutes. I like staring at a scented candle while I go off into the zone. I usually feel refreshed afterward. The zone uplifts my energy level as well as my mood. Sometimes I think of God. However, the best trances are when I think of nothing. They don't come very often. But when they do, it's real joy afterward. 

  The music is made with a violin, a synthesizer and a multitrack recorder. Learning the synthesizer has been a fun challenge. I've had to learn a whole new vocabulary with words like envelopes, oscillators and wave forms. With a synth, I start with a preset tone and have a million choices to make as to how the sound can be changed. It has been a wonderful instrument to learn.      

  The violin is of course a challenge. V as well. Very few get to actually master it. I like to play the violin with recordings of me playing synthesizers. Of course, it would not be possible with out a multitrack recorder. There are plenty available for downloading on a computer at reasonable prices. I use and recommend MixPad. As for synths, my recommendation is the brand name Arturia.

     I hope you have an artful health day.

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