04 Feb

  Focusing and framing an image in a camera lens can be therapeutic even when a therapist is not involved.   

  Several websites can be found promoting photography as a hobby that can be used to enhance brain health and personal well-being. 

   “Therapeutic photography is the technique of using photography to heal the mind of an individual, to bring positive energy. Thus, it helps to cheer up a person,” Govind Vijayakumar writes, in “Therapeutic Photography Explained.” The article is found on a Photography Axis website, Sept. 21, 2020.  

    Any type of photography can be used and a camera does not have to be expensive. Often times people take pictures of nature, family members or street scenes for their personal growth, Vijayakumar writes.

  The use of photography for personal well-being is also touted as beneficial on The One Project’s Therapeutic Photography website.  

   “Therapeutic photography involves taking, analyzing and using photos for the purpose of personal growth, or understanding,” the website states.  

  An article on the website discusses various academic studies that demonstrate the benefits of photography for brain health.   For starters, photography requires a level of mindfulness when a photographer lines up a shot or edits an image. Mindfulness is a state of present awareness that can help with alleviating feelings of depression, according to The Project One’s website.   

  While photography can be therapeutic for an individual acting alone, at times a therapist is needed, especially when images provoke strong negative emotions.  

  A field of photo therapy is emerging for those who need to take and share photos in a safe environment. For instance, a certificate program for therapists is being offered by the Photo-Therapy Centre in Vancouver, Canada, according to the school’s website.   

  However, an internet search revealed that other training facilities may be hard to find.

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