11 Apr

Music, video and poem by Rick McVicar 

Have you been lured 

By what is obscure? 

Superstition and romance 

Mingle in a seductive dance 

Telling you to leave everything to chance. 

Oh, don’t get me wrong.

 Lady Luck sometimes has her day, 

But for the most part, 

Recovery demands you find a new way. 

A new way to cope with all your imaginings, 

Your fears and worries of what may happen next. 

I do not have a fortune telling ball. 

I watch carefully so I do not take a fall.

 I want to jump, wiggle and leap,

 But I want to keep my health complete. 

Keep my exuberance on the down low, 

And let my depressed moods flow 

Into sounds with rhythm they’ll go, 

Notes that last beyond the show,

Notes that last beyond the show.   


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