03 Feb



Winter Storm Landon is barreling down as I write today's post. 

  I have not been outside yet but have looked out to gauge the amount of snow. By the sound of snow blowers chugging along, I would say there is more than enough to keep me indoors. Also, I hear the wind howling.

  Staying home because of winter weather can be a real test for anyone's brain health. In keeping with the theme of my blog, try listening to music. You could pull out paper and pencil to try doodling a snowman while you listen to some tunes. Now is a good time to practice a little creativity.  If you are outside facing the elements, then please be careful and stay safe.

  To help you pass the time, I have recorded some music and written a poem about the storm. A violin/synthesizer tune at the end of the poem is available for downloading.

Winter Storm Landon marches across the land 

With a drum major of ice leading the band.

 Power grids map out the formation

 Where the band will cross over the nation. 

Icicle flutes send notes piercing through the night 

As freezing raindrops dance upon the roof.          

Cymbals periodically punctuate the beat

As a bass drummer pounds the timing

Of Landon on track towards the east. 

Trumpets blare warnings of heavy snow, 

Trombones bring the melody home. 

Clarinets sound a few sour notes

 Fluttering across the Twitter sphere. 

Flag bearers wave sheets full of swirling snow, 

New white flakes land on dark soiled snow. 

John Philip Sousa will soon be replaced

 By a band playing Prince’s “Purple Rain, Purple Rain.”

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