28 Dec

A waterfall.

By Rick McVicar

     Anxiety seems to be a constant companion for me. I would not recognize my life without it.  Combating anxiety takes a lot of weapons, such as therapy and medications. None of my blogging is meant to offer an alternative treatment away from mental health treatment. Professionals are essential to recovery.

     Nevertheless, music and the arts can give treatment providers a vital assist. The brain is a hungry organ. It needs food in the form of nourishing stimuli. For me, that stimuli often derives from a violin. I find the instrument to be essential to my brain health.

  Instead of trying to explain it in words, I produced a little musical number to express how my music chases away anxiety. I laid down a track of a synthesizer sound I created to express what my anxiety sounds like. It is a beastly sound, offering distortion to a bass line. I would describe it as a mix of Darth Vader and Dick Vitale. Then I play the violin on top of it to soothe the beast. The tune begins with the violin wrestling with the beast before offering long sustained notes to calm down the creature. 

  I hope that you might find a way to imagine how your anxiety sounds or looks. Does it have a rhythm? Does it have a color? Does it have a shape? Is there a song that calms it? Or is there a landscape where you can take it with a painting? Let me know what color, shape or sound you have in mind when you are confronted with anxiety. Drop me a comment if you'd like. Or share this on either Facebook or Twitter.

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