15 Mar

By Rick McVicar 

The land between my ears

Is full of forests and fears 

With bears foraging for food, 

Skunks spraying on this fool.

Children are dying in Ukraine, 

May their deaths not be in vain. 

There’s talk of World War Three

Nukes never made us free. 

Anxiety and dread abound,

 I long for a peaceful sound 

That will calm a rattlesnake 

Following a pandemic full of death. 

Loggers with chainsaws clear out

The thick forest in my head.

 I long for the lush greenery

And the sweet smell of pine scent.     


         Writing poetry helps me deal with current events in the news as part of my own brain health recovery.  Please feel free to comment or share on social media. If you have poetry you would like to submit for publication, then contact Rick McVicar through the Contact page.

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