08 Apr

By Rick McVicar

 Poetry ricochets throughout my brain,

 Bouncing along all the crevices, 

The nooks and the crannies 

Where my dreadful fears play

Havoc upon my inner peace, 

Signaling a release

From doom and despair. 

I know not where I picked them up 

To fill my suitcase along with dirty underwear. 

Words that rhyme are kind to me, 

Giving me a sense of humor 

Following a pituitary tumor 

That cleared when I switched meds

To save me from harmful side effects. 

Poetry does all kinds of things for me

It gives me hope that can’t be squashed.

In poetry I am washed 

As clean as a newborn babe,

 I’ll dance in the falling rain.

 I’ll dance in the falling rain.


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