18 Dec
A smiling green disfigured face.

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Image and text by Rick McVicar 

  Have you ever watched the moon for a series of nights and paid close attention to its series of phases? Have your moods ever coincided with those various lunar cycles? Maybe if you stare hard enough, the "man in the moon" might start singing to you. Maybe that's how the phrase "blue moon" originated, or even the song, "Blue Moon Over Kentucky."

   I have noticed many times my moods appearing to be influenced by the moon's phases. The one difference is the timing. My moods are not as predictable as the moon's cycle.   Nevertheless, I have noticed moods moving in cyclical fashion. My ups and downs appear to be rather elliptical. I don't know, maybe the moon helps me externalize my moods, projecting them on a safe and durable surface. In my recovery, I have always found it helpful to find safe ways to externalize my emotions so they are not causing havoc inside me.

  I have also found music to be a safe way to project my moods. In the past year, I have discovered the world of synthesizers. They are electronic instruments that allow you to create your own sound. You can discover a sound that fits your mood or the mood you would like to feel. 

   For instance, if I am feeling sad, I can find a bass with a fuzzy sound. Then if I want to feel happy, I can create a popcorn sound. Of course, there is a lot to learn with synthesizers. I learned about them by viewing YouTube videos.  YouTube has made learning music so much easier than in the past. I highly recommend their tutorials.

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