25 Feb

Text and image by Rick McVicar             

     “I found the love of my life,” screams Jesus while lying in bed in the middle of the night.  

     He is drenched in a cold sweat. He knows the Jews, the Romans and the crowds will savagely beat and kill him if they know who his lover is. After all, it is his cousin. But not just any cousin. It happens to be his nature loving cousin, a male cousin. And Herod hates him more than anything. 

     It happens to be none other than John the Baptist.             

     Yes, the same John the Baptist who calls for people to repent of their sins. No one will repent of their sins if they know Jesus and John are a thing. Being cousins isn't a problem. But both being male is a huge problem.             

     Still, Jesus knows he has to find a way to show John how deeply he feels for him. Drenched in sweat, Jesus decides to give John a diamond. And it can't be any ordinary diamond. It has to be the rarest diamond imaginable. And it has to be a fair and just diamond, with no taint of bloody conflict associated with its extraction from the earth.             

     Jesus walks naked to his stove to heat water for some tea. He thinks hard about how he will search for the diamond. He thinks of Mary Magdalene. Surely, she will know where to find the most exquisite diamond in the world.             

     Jesus then bathes and gets dressed, waiting for sunrise. When he notices people moving about outside, he leaves his house to find Mary. There are a couple of street corners where she might be starting her day.             

     Sure enough, Jesus sees Mary Magdalene at the Five Corners, strumming a lute. A small crowd is already gathered to hear her music. A few of them toss coins in her direction.  

     “Thank you. That keeps the Jesus movement alive,” Mary calls out and smiles, her long flowing hair waving in the breeze.             

     Jesus keeps his distance, not wanting to draw a crowd. He waits for Mary to take a break before approaching her. When Mary steps away from the staging area, Jesus walks up and waves for her to meet him privately in an alley.             

     “Mary, I’ve got something very personal to ask you. You must keep this under lock and key, or I’m dead,” Jesus whispers as soon as Mary gets close.             

     “What is it, Jesus? Why are you so nervous?”             

     “I am in love, and I have to find the most perfect diamond on earth.”             

     “Oh, my Jesus, that’s wonderful. Who’s the lucky girl?” Mary asks.             

     “I can’t say. It’s not a girl. It’s a guy, I’m afraid.”            

      “Jesus!” Mary exclaims.             

     “Hush. Quiet. I thought you could keep a secret."

     “I’m sorry. Oh, ok, I know a few places, a bit far away, where you can pick out just the right stone. But it will cost you.”             

     “I know. I may have to put Judas to work for me. I hope he still has ties to his gang,” Jesus replies.   

     I hope this story helps to bring you artful health today.



A diamond in the middle of squiggly lines.

                "A Search for a Diamond" Click on image to go to YouTube love song video.

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