16 Mar

Text and image by Rick McVicar             

     While Mary Magdalene is rocking it out in Bethany, John the Baptist is preparing his dinner of insects, blueberries and greens in his hut sitting next to the Jordan River. A bottle of honey mustard salad dressing he had mixed sits nearby.             

     John smiles, feeling proud for accomplishing everything on his to-do list for the day. He relies on his daily list to maintain order amid adverse conditions often felt while living in the wilderness. After all, John never knows when a lion might drop in for a visit.             

     More than a hundred people from Capernaum, where Jesus lives, had made the trek to his Jordan River spot to be baptized. John is sure that most of them are truly repentant, bringing a whistle to his lips while stirring together his dinner.             

     John is a sturdy, muscular man full of bodily hair with dark brown skin. Curly hair stands up on his back as well as his chest. John has long dreadlocks and a full beard. He stands more than six feet tall.              

     John’s thoughts about his day include words from some of his visitors who told him that his friend Jesus is doing well. A few of them said Jesus is in some kind of trouble, which is certainly no news flash. 

     Oh, if they only knew that Jesus is more than a friend.  

     John wonders how crowds might react if the word gets out. John frowns and begins putting his dinner on his plate, pouring the honey mustard dressing over the blueberries, insects and greens.             

     John carefully counts out the twelve berries, eight dried locusts and five cockroaches he had prepared. The berries represent the number of people who talked about Jesus. Multiplying the two types of insects, eight and five, equals the 40 days Jesus had spent wrestling with Satan in the desert. 

     Poor Jesus. John had always felt guilty for those devilish temptations that came right after he had baptized Jesus. Would God blame John for it?             

     John picks up his string of prayer beads hanging on his kitchen wall. He pulls those beads up to his lips, whispering a prayer for Jesus.             

     As you reflect, meditate or say your prayers, may you be blessed with artful health.                

A mixture of leafy greens, berries and insects.

"Insects, Berries and Greens" Click on image to go to trance music YouTube video.

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