19 Feb

Text and image by Rick McVicar             

     How does your faith help enhance brain health, inspire the arts and connect you to nature?

     Sarasvati, the Hindu goddess of knowledge, language, music and the arts, can very well symbolize the connections made throughout this website.             

     I was introduced to the goddess by a friend from India who said she was about to celebrate a special holy day for Sarasvati, also spelled Saraswati.             

     An article in the online World History Encyclopedia, written by Mark Cartwright, notes that the name of the goddess means “elegant, flowing and watery.” That makes sense, as Sarasvati originates from a sacred river. The river flows from the Himalaya and provides purification as well as fertility.  In the family of Hindu deities, Sarasvati is the wife of Brahma. 

     Images of Sarasvati picture her with four arms holding sacred items, such as a religious book and a musical stringed instrument.             

     An article on the Brittanica website adds that Sarasvati is credited with creating the Indian language of Sanskrit. Pilgrims travel to India every 12 years to bathe in rivers near the Sarasvati River, which is symbolic in nature.             

     The goddess suits this website well. Artful Brain Health features articles on how the workings of the brain and the arts are interconnected, much like the knowledge and music that are connected by Sarasvati. Her beginning from a river speaks to the connection between nature and spirituality as well.             

     Now I know this blog entry might seem out of joint with previous stories I have written about Christan scriptures. How can I name a Hindu goddess as a symbol of my website when I am a follower of Jesus?             

     Well, for one thing, I do not believe that Jesus is threatened by other paths towards God’s kingdom. The kingdom of God, central to Jesus’ preaching, is a very expansive kingdom. I am sure it has plenty of room for all the world’s religions.             

     Also, my concern for religion these days is that it needs to help us in finding solutions to our climate crisis, which affects people of all faiths and nationalities. To solve the climate crisis, we need to learn from each other and accept various perspectives if we are to find solutions.        

     Whatever form of worship you prefer, may it give you plenty of artful health.                                                 

A woman with four arms.

A four-armed woman reaches out to greet you. Click on the image to view a trance music video on YouTube.

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