06 Apr

By Rick McVicar

 Brain health recovery comes to me 

With tunes that I can dance to.

 Sometimes I need blues mixed with jazz, 

A bit of swing makes my hips zig and zag. 

Other times it’s trance with thoughts of romance.

I may sing showtunes when I’m in the shower, 

A touch of classical soothes my nerves, 

Celtic rock awakens my weary step.

I need all the genres for my many moods, 

Even rap and hip hop so I won’t swoon.

 I listen to the driving beat of DOPE Amine 

To cool the heat when I am angry.

 Some Johnny Cash will often help 

When I am feeling stupid and rash. 

I hear Miles Davis and Coltrane 

To level the waves of my brain.

A little Aretha Franklin in the mix 

To heal my anxiety-ridden soul.    


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