23 Dec
A black smiling face in abstract style.

 Image and text by Rick McVicar

      Take time to heal/ Put surreal thoughts behind you./ Breathe in a piece of eternity./ May today you know peace.

  Breathe in and breathe out/Let your worries drop/Beneath the surface of your pain/Rolling down a grassy knoll.

  May lush meadows greet you/May you quietly arrive/In a pasture of clover/Be sure to just breathe.

  I have produced Christmas Calm so you can take time to unwind and relax when holiday celebrations get to be tense and anxious. I used a Zen-sounding synth, a violin and a bass to create a trance tune to soothe your mood. If things get anxious, try to find a quiet place and turn on my tune. Maybe light a candle or two. Just be sure to blow them out when you are through. 

  Of course, if you are feeling so tense that you want to harm yourself or others, then please call 911. And don't forget medications if you need them. My website is not a replacement for professionals, no matter what stage of recovery you are in.' I advocate for brain health, which takes a multi-layered approach.

  That said, I am sure there are those who feel tense without feeling like it's an emergency. For you, I gladly make my music available to alleviate an anxious Christmas. I hope my music can be a helpful service to those stressed when bells tinkle and you are forced to mingle. 

  As my poem suggests, just take a deep breath while you listen to my tune. Be sure to inhale slowly and exhale. Stare at a candle then close your eyes. Breathe in and breathe out. Think of walking through a meadow on your way to a forest. The sun is shining and there is not a cloud in the sky.


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