12 Jan

Text by Rick McVicar  

Artful Brain Health is no scam, despite being flagged by a so-called scam-fighting website.   

  The site is featured prominently on Google when a search is made for www.artfulbrainhealth.com

  Other sites can be found listing my website as trustworthy. For instance, a website scan on urlvoid.com showed that nothing could be found on 43 blacklist checking sites. The scan showed a clean slate as of Jan. 14, 2022.

  Not a penny has been received or solicited by me, Rick McVicar, administrator for www.artfulbrainhealth.com. No one has been contacted on any “phishing” expedition. 

  Any contacts I have made have been with full disclosure and transparency. I have no lists for sending spam email or junk mail.   

  Articles have been written with high standards for citing attributions and credits. As the author, I have 10 years of journalistic experience. 

  I have recently finished a newswriting online refresher class offered by The Ohio State University. I have also recently finished a poetry class, which included instructions on editing, offered in-person at The Ohio State University-Mansfield.  

  My motivation for producing a blog promoting the arts for brain health recovery comes from my own passion for poetry and music. They have been crucial to my own personal coping with mental illness. I consider myself to be in recovery from mental illness.   

  Some of my poetry about mental illness might include humor in an attempt to make fun of the disease. That is my own personal coping mechanism. Overall, I do not consider mental illness to be a laughing matter. It has robbed me of experiencing a career, which makes me feel a sense of loss. 

  I feel fortunate that I have been able to have recovery. I realize that is not the case for a lot of people.   All I want to do with my website is to share my passion for the arts in a way that can help others, those living with brain diseases as well as health care professionals. I want to provide a useful resource as well as offer some entertainment along the way.

A purple painting of a neuron.
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