01 Feb

 In promoting the arts for brain health recovery, I must take a stand against book bans currently being initiated by school boards across the land. Here is a poem expressing my displeasure with the cursed idea.

The arts bring people together 

With beauty, humor and angst.

They don’t mind what you are wearing

 Whether it’s ugly, cute or daring. 

The arts may sometimes pull apart 

But never mind thou art. 

Absence holds such sweet sorrow 

When the arts are censored or banned.

The arts teach the path of resistance 

When the arts are shuttered or gagged.

 Our children know when they are bullied 

By school boards acting unruly.

 Oh yes, we need Romeo and Juliet 

Just like we need a pretty sunset. 

Cowboys and motorbikes ride off into the distance

Along with sadness that is persistent.

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