25 Jan

Music and text by Rick McVicar

In the Garden of Eden God was an artist 

Who planted trees that were pleasant. 

Flowery plants adorned the landscape 

Before God created Adam and Eve. 

God was no ordinary gardener. 

God had beauty in mind

 When God made the sunrise, 

A pretty picture adorned the sky.

 After Adam and Eve ate the fruit, 

God became a clothing designer

Who donned the primal couple with garments

That closely fit with glamorous appeal.

 Perhaps Adam wore sequins and rhinestones 

And Eve was lavished with a gown. 

I doubt they wore sack cloths and ashes 

Or ate fruit from a wandering vine 

When they sat for their second dinner date

 With spinach and greens spread across their plates. 

Based on Genesis 2:4-3:24, New Revised Standard Version.

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A dirt road in a forest.

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