22 Dec
A smiling face in the middle of a circle.

                                                    Image Credit/Rick McVicar

     "Sing me a poem of feathers and wings. Sing me a poem of ribbons and strings."

  Those are the two lines I remember of a song I sang as part of a research choir. Yes, that's right, a research choir, conducted at Vanderbilt University's Park Lab in Nashville. There were about eight or so of us. We met weekly for a couple of months to rehearse a song about a poem. We were studied before, during and after we sang. I don't really know what was learned from that study. I just know researchers were investigating the link between music and mental illness. In time, I hope to speak with researchers there about what they have discovered about mental illness, creativity and the arts.

  The choir met several years ago and left a lasting memory for me. That memory has been a big reason why I wanted to start this blog. I have a pretty good inkling that the arts play a vital role for many in their recovery. And not only from mental illness, but also from addictions and disorders like dementia.

  Still, my knowledge about the subject remains only an inkling. I intend to take my readers on a journey learning all the ins and outs of the linkages between the arts and brain health. I am currently not an expert in the field. However, I have a few skills left from my days as a journalist. l will be probing the thoughts and opinions of real experts and professionals. Will you go with me on this journey? I think it will be a fun ride.